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Understanding & implementing the TfL Direct Vision Standard


TfL has recently introduced a new standard for HGV’s over 12 tonnes (GVW) entering London which measures just how much drivers can see through their cab windows. It’s an important innovation that could help protect pedestrians & cyclists & motorcyclists, not to mention the drivers themselves.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is a helpful assessment tool that measures the scope of an HGV driver’s vision and blind spots from the cab in relation to other road users and categorises them with a star rating system from 0-5 stars as part of the HGV Safety Permit.  Check your vehicle’s star rating here

The height of the cab from the road is a key factor in blind spots, for example a construction truck is, on average, 32% higher than other road users meaning that they need to be 3 times further away to be seen – especially dangerous for other road users.  Overall 70% of cyclist fatalities in the last few years throughout London involved HGV’s with high cabs.

From 26th October 2020, any HGV that has a zero star rating (that therefore contravenes the indirect vision aspect of the standard) will be banned from entering London unless the operator improves the safety of the vehicle by fitting safe system improvements such as cameras, sensors and improved class V & VI mirrors.

Full details of the Safe System improvements can be found here.

Long term, the plan is to introduce a ban on any vehicle with a rating below 3 stars will be introduced by October 2024 that doesn’t include additional safety systems.

It is highly recommended that you get your permits in place as penalty charge notices of up to £550 will be applied should you enter London without it and permits can be revoked or suspended for failure to adhere to the permit conditions.

CheckPro can help keep track of all your permits including the DVS, & HGV safety permit within its fleet management system, giving you peace of mind that your fleet is up to date with the latest requirements. To find out more and get a free trial click here.


CheckPro at RWM

CheckPro are exhibiting at RWM this September



RWM is the leading recycling & waste management event in the UK, attracting over 14,000 industry professionals from the UK & around the globe, where they will be connecting with exhibitors specialising in fields including Energy From Waste, Handling & Logistics, Machinery & Equipment, Recyclers & Reprocessors, Data Tech & Services & Zero Emissions.

CheckPro will be offering hands-on demos of the latest version of our daily checks & workshop management tools, and will be showcasing how the customisable checklists can be adapted to suit a range of assets & vehicles used in the recycling & waste management industry.

In addition to the great exhibitors, there will be 350 seminars taking place over the 2 days, with keynote speakers including BBC Broadcaster & Patron of Clean Up Britain Jeremy Paxman, Founder of TerraCycle Tom Szaky and Mary Creagh from the Environment Audit Committee.

Attendees will also be able to see live product demonstrations throughout the event including the fire suppression technology of Fogmaker.

When you register for your free ticket you’ll also be able to gain entry into the 3 other shows running concurrently at the NEC – The Flood Expo, The Contamination Expo Series, and Future Resource.

Get your free ticket by visiting the RWM website to find out more.