A compliance tool for your fleet


When you log into the CheckPro Compliance Management System, you are greeted with a dashboard that gives you the key metrics that are important to you from the checks undertaken by your staff. it is fully bespoke and will give you all the information you need as soon as you login.

  • See which defects are still outstanding.
  • New defects that need to be rectified.
  • Time taken by each staff member to complete report (too quick or too slow – we can show you!)
  • Where and when each report was undertaken (using a GPS located time-stamp)

The KPIs can be viewed using all sorts of metrics including your data by driver / depot / vehicle type / time & date. This gives you a wealth of information so you can ascertain, for example, which vehicles have the most defects over time, which tyres degrade quickest or which depots / drivers / managers could benefit from more training.


When a defect is identified it can be tracked through to rectification, giving you the advantage of always having a comprehensive audit trail. You can view all vehicles and assets with outstanding defects and filter those which have specific safety fails or are VOR. The system date stamps all reports and records the time taken for walk around checks to be completed, along with a GPS location of where the checks were performed.


The CheckPro Compliance Management System can store employee data for all types of license renewals (CPC, digital tacho card, etc) and provide alerts for management when they are due to expire.

Walk around checks and specific vehicle and asset data is available to view and filter for each individual team member.


Odometer and fuel levels which are reported on are stored within the vehicle / asset record.

All walk around checks and associated defects can be viewed and reported on for each vehicle / asset allowing management to identify trends or ongoing issues.


Checklists within the Compliance Management System can be customised to suit the individual needs of any business. Existing checklists can be duplicated and adapted or you can create a completely new and bespoke checklist. The order in which questions are presented in the App can be easily changed to suit your requirements.


The CheckPro system is hosted on a dedicated 1 Gbit/s line within a Tier 1 data centre to give a direct connection with unrivalled performance. Everything is backed up using the latest cloud based security so your company data is safe and secure. Daily, offsite backups ensure the security & integrity of your information. All reports are 100% tamper proof once they have been submitted and no data can ever be deleted.

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